Black Gospel Chords - Volume V

Black Gospel Chords - Volume V

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Over 2400 HOT Black Gospel Preaching Chords - Volume V!


Now you'll be able to Harmonize, with our big phat two-handed preaching chords.

 This volume in an immediate download as an ADOBE PDF

Over 230 pages in full color.

 These chords will make your Hammond Organ Sing. The chords in this edition are beautifully illustrated and ready to be used to express your favorite music. 


This volume features those smooth beautiful two-handed voicings that are heard on the Hammond Organ during praise and worship.If you have never been able to get that sound, now you can!


This volume has NO instruction. It is strictly a preching chord reference volume. The main instruction on how to use these chords is in the "Handbook of Harmony"

This volume has chords for all 12 chromatic melody tones I through Maj VII












  Maj VII

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