Gospel Track PRO - Harmony Course - 5,500 chords

Gospel Track PRO - Harmony Course - 5,500 chords

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This Black Gospel Track has 5,500 chords + DVD Stream


This Black Gospel track for the HARMONY Course contains the following five volumes:


The Handbook of Harmony -  175 pgs 

Black Gospel Preaching Chords -  240 pgs

Black Gospel Preaching Chords -Winter 2010 Edition -170 pgs

Mastering Chord Suspensions -  80 pgs

Chord Naming System - 80 pgs


Harmony 5 hour DVD Stream -

       Explore Harmony like never before - 5 Hours 


Click here to watch the HARMONY SYSTEM in action




Everything you need to harmonize songs of your choice with beautiful chord changes.

This is an immediate download in ADOBE PDF Format.


You will receive an email with the download link as soon as the purchase is completed.


You will receive a link to the DVD Stream. The DVD is not shipped an internet connection is required to watch the stream.


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