The Tritone and Beyond

The Tritone and Beyond

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 The Tritone Chord and Beyond

This is the perfect add on set of chords for the Harmony System.


In this volume you will learn to harmonize on tones, 
that are not part of the major scale. The bII, bIII, 
bV (Tritone) and the #V!! The most beautiful passing 
chord transitions and harmonies occur, when you 
start playing chords that are OUTSIDE of the SCALE. 
If for example, you are in the key of Db: 

We show you how to play a D chord, an E chord, a G Chord or an A chord.... even though those tones are not part of the Db scale. 

If you voice those chords with the RIGHT accidentals, 
the RESULTING sounds are quite SWEET. Chords 
on these out of scale tones can always be used as 
passing chords. 

Watch this video and see the amazing chord changes we can easily make by using this reference


Harmonize on Tones not part of the Major Scale!!!!

There is no E in the key of Db, but we are going to play
an E chord as a passing chord, in going from Ab to Db 
in a V to I Progression. 

Ab13sus, E 6,9 , followed by Db Maj 7

Play the following chords in sequence and listen:
                          This Ab9 sus will function as a V Chord 
                           in the Key of Db. We will insert an E as
                           a Passing chord on the way down to the
                           I Chord (Db)  
This E 6,9 b5 as Passing Chord proves
    our point! There is no E in the key of Db!

                          Now we can resolve down to the I chord
                          (Db Maj 9)

No other course will offer you these details explained!! 


 This volume in an immediate download as an ADOBE PDF


This is an add-on Chord reference volume 
for the Harmony System.



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