About Us

Creative Music has developed a revolutionary method enabling keyboard musicians to quickly harmonize a line of notes with infinite chord changes. Imagine being able to play a different chord on every melody note! Whether or not it is gospel, jazz, contemporary etc., Creative Music has published seven volumes (1200 pgs) of instructional material that illustrates pictorially in color with easy-to-follow printed text instructions, of how to harmonize music of your choice with advanced voicings. The system is such that no two musicians will come up with the same resulting harmonization.

This system is detailed in our main instructional volume

                                                The Handbook of Harmony


Have you ever noticed that most people who play the keyboard very well, play with absolutely NO music in front of them?

 They can play just about anything with NO music. You may have asked them well how they do that. There response is usually the following:

 They tell you that they play by ear!

 And then you just leave the issue alone and just walk away and assume that they have some gift that they were born with.

The truth about this is that the phrase “play by ear” in itself is very misleading just by those words themselves. That phrase itself over the years is just one that is used to describe individuals that play without music. It has nothing to do with some gift that god has bestowed upon them allowing them to play the piano.

 The proper and more appropriate phrase describing what they are doing is:

                  Playing without music and choosing chords that sound good to them


 They learned by a method that is not formally taught but has been passed on for hundreds of years by word of mouth. They have learned to HARMONIZE. Our course is a course in Harmonization.

 Our mission at Creative Music LLC., is to focus on quickly getting the musician to the end-result of playing beautiful advanced harmonies, without being burdened by the intricacies and complications of music theory. We want to give the musician a path of least resistance to reach this goal as quickly as possible. We have already done all the dirty work and analysis of chord structures, harmonies, progressions and their interrelationships. We have filtered all that down to a methodology that you can use, to consistently and easily achieve beautiful harmonization in your own music without being bogged down a fishing though the previous 1500 years of music theory.

 Music education has not changed in the last century, and Creative Music is on the forefront of turning that around. The "Adventures in Harmony Course" is re-inventing how music has been taught for the last century. Our instructional method goes against the grain of all past music education teaching methodologies. In fact we are proud of this "invention/discovery" and the internals of our system and technique are proprietary and were developed through years of computer analysis and modeling.

 Gregory Moody Creative Music’s founder is an accomplished musician and software engineer, who comes from a family lineage of musicians, i.e., his world famous cousin NEA jazz master; flute, tenor and alto saxophonist, James Moody.

A word from Gregory Moody:

“The Adventures in Harmony Course” consist of hundreds of chord voicings that have been computer engineered and modeled using proprietary computer algorithms. The fascinating thing is that these chords can be fit together in any order similar to kids LEGO building blocks to create an infinite possibility of chord progressions and harmonizations. Playing by number is not just for kids, the entire system is based on numbers; if you can count to 21 you can master this system. In following our system, it is nearly impossible to put together chords and create chord progressions that are not pleasing.

Even the most novice musician is able to quickly create complex lush harmonies and progressions. The complete course consists of over 1200 pages of detailed instruction spread over seven volumes.

To accompany the written material is 4 hours of video instruction on DVD. Students will find just the right mix of theory and instruction presented at a level that is sure to spawn creativity. This is not your typical “copy what I do” music course. In this course, there are no progressions or songs to remember. This is because the student is applying our techniques to music of their choosing to create their own unique harmonization. By using the course materials, students will be able to quickly turn their single finger melodies into colorful harmonizations. 

Our Music Education Mission

Gregory Moody is the founder of Creative Music. He has over 30 years of experience in the music field. Having studied diligently under those taught by some of the great jazz masters, and being greatly influenced by them, Greg was inspired to create the "Adventures in Harmony Series". His unique harmony and composition styles are the foundation that lead to the development of this unique program. Greg also has a degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University. Combining his knowledge and passion of both music and computers, he utilized both extensively to analyze chords, voicings relationships and to discover harmonies that only a few may have stumbled upon. As a term of endearment his friends, family and colleagues have bestowed upon him the title of "King of Harmony".